How does our approach differ from the rest?

As experienced proprietary traders, we understand having that knowing the fundamental of market making is only the first step when dealing with digital assets. In our perspective, the real art in market-making comes from understanding how to react and build strategies that mitigate the digital market’s main feature – high volatility. The crypto market is evolving at light speed, and being able to remain flexible and keep track of the latest trend is the factor that differentiates our approach.


Market making trading algorithms can handle thousands of instruments in dozens of global crypto trading platforms. Network infrastructure optimized for low latency and high load from HFT data was created for competition advantage in financial industry. Our edge has been our passion for technology.

Our team of software developers with strong experience in high frequency trading solutions constantly improve our in-house technical Platform. Historical data is processed using state-of-the-art technologies built to keep an edge in the competition. Our solutions are built to work and perform with multiple decentralized crypto exchanges simultaneously.